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Mainz at night: upscale and down

Cabarets - political and just for fun - clubs and nightclubs for special tastes, wine bars, beer pubs, cocktail bars, posh or rustic and everyday neighborhood bars, abound. Aside from all the local and national beer brands, even Bavarian beers from the breweries Andechs, Hofbräu and Paulaner can be had on tap in Mainz, something you will never find in New York!

Zu sehen ist die Augustinerstraße in der Mainzer Altstadt bei Nacht mit einer historisch nachempfundenen Straßenlaterne im Vordergrund. The Mainz Staatstheater on Gutenberg-Platz is the seat of the opera, ballet and theatre. Fine quality productions and performances by guest artists and touring companies further enhance excellent local productions. A complete structural and technical renovation, the addition of a fine restaurant, and interior redesign make the Mainz Staatstheater an excellent performance site with first-rate productions.

For information regarding performance in the large or small houses, opera, theatre, musicals, ballet, special events or productions, contact the Mainz Staatstheater.

Other performing arts venues include the Mainz Kammerspiele, Frankfurter Hof (cabaret-comedy), Alte Patrone, Unterhaus, Kulturzentrum Mainz and the Phoenix-Halle Mainz.

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 Staatstheater Mainz
 Mainzer Kammerspiele (Chamber Players)
 Alte Patrone - Multi-art Cultural Center
 unterhaus (Political satire)
 Kulturzentrum Mainz ( Music, Dance, Events mainly for folks 16-66)
 Phoenix-Halle Mainz (Events Center, Live TV production site)