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Airship travel

Baloons. (Copy Right: soundlessly above the villages, vineyards and fields of Rhine-Hesse on a warm summer evening: Various companies in Rhine-Hesse offer balloon trips, gliding and powered flying and sightseeing flights.


Balloon trips, Herbert Engler
Info phone: +49(0)67/33-13 24
no Web address

Balloon trips, Peter Klaes
Info phone: +49(0)67/31-62 56


Freiballon-Sportschule; A. & R. Mathes GmbH
Info phone: +49(0)61/38-69 22

Calovini Ballonfahrten GmbH
Info phone: +49(0)61/38-98 00 53
no Web address


Balloon trips, Dr. Gottwald
Info phone:+49(0)6132/75 333 or +49(0)6132/40 373
Fax: +49(0)6132/35 36


Airfield for gliding and powered flying; open day each year at Whitsun with supporting programme, special flights, presentations.
Info: Aero-Club Oppenheim-Guntersblum
Info phone: +49(0)6144/96 69 10 or 06133/3337 (airfield) public holidays, long weekends, weekends.
Offers: sightseeing flights, powered flights and gliding


Luftsportverein Worms e.V.
School of Flying
Info: phone and fax +49(0)62 41/2 34 54
Offers: sightseeing flights, school of flying

Albatros Air Ballonfahrten
Thomas Schiwek
Info phone: +49(0)6241/59 20 80