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Worth Seeing in Mainz at the River Rhine


The Cathedral

Without doubt: Mainz has an impressive past. Sometimes the Roman relics give away the fact that it has a 2 000 year heritage, sometimes the magnificent baroque buildings remind one of the times of the Electors. The best architects and the most talented sculptors created the general character of the city.
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Mainz's Old Town

Zu sehen ist der Eingang zur Altstadtkneipe Klingelbeutel am Abend.

Mainz's Old Town, its city center, is the pride and joy of the city-scene. Broad, roomy squares, lovingly-restored half-timbered houses and magnificent Baroque churches give Old Town its charming, "gemuetlich" character. There are also many interesting shops waiting to be discovered.
Embark on a discovery journey through Old Mainz's historical inner city.

Discovering Mainz

Mainz has no shortage of self-confidence, or of enthusiasm. It has good reason for this., i. e. that tradition and progress show no signs of flagrant contradictions can be seen and clearly revealed in daily life. After a 2 000 year history, Mainz has remained young.
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Churches and sacred buildings in Mainz: Magnificent specimens of Christian architecture

Christ Church

Among the finest sights in Mainz are the churches. For example, the Romanesque St. Martin's Cathedral, the elegant, gothic hall church of St. Stephan with its world-famous Chagall windows or Eduard Kreyssig's huge neo-Renaissance cupola of Christchurch.

Here you will find illustrated brief portraits of the most important churches in Mainz

Museums in Mainz

The famous Gutenberg Bible

A stroll through the city's museums is like a thrilling journey through its cultural and natural history. Go on a journey in the Roman Isis and Mater Magna Temple through time into the mystic spheres of Antiquity. Experience the world of printing in the Gutenberg Museum...
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