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Rhine Tour and Rhine Cruise

Optimal enjoyment and certainly the most leisurely way to enjoy Mainz is by indulging one‘s self in a cruise. What better way to take all in than from the decks of a ship plying Germany’s most famous waterway?

There are several alternatives to be considered. One option is to travel one way by train between Mainz and say Cologne, about 160 kilometers north, taking the boat coming or going, or going by boat round-trip.

You can opt for short hops and brief excursions to nearby Eltville and Ruedesheim and the Loreley on the east bank or Ingelheim, Bingen and Rheinboellen on the west.

Rhine Tour and Rhine Cruises

The next stage of the river is Lahnstein on the east bank and Koblenz on the west where at the Deutsche Eck the Mosel enters the Rhine. Dozens of wine villages, (Barcharach, St Goar, St Goarshausen, Assmannshausen, Boppard) on both sides provide picture post card ambience, plentiful tasting opportunities, and stunning view of and from the castle-hotel, castles and ruins overlooking the valley. Many boats make frequent stops. During the high season from mid-spring to mid-Fall there are numerous smaller ships. Passenger and car ferry service at most village
Permits easily transferal from one shore to the other.

Not to be overlooked are the quiet, still islands, parks and camping sites where people once again enjoy fishing, picnicking swimming and relaxation Rhineside. Motorboats and sailboats as well as enormous barges ply the waters, yet there is still plenty of bucolic, quiet waterfront, sailing, canoeing and kayaking. Mountain biking on the steep inclines or gentle peddling and no-stress ambling along riverside paths are enjoyable pasttimes.

Wines from Rheinhessen, Rheingau, Mittel Rhein, Mosel-Saar-Ruwever, Nahe and Ahr vineyard are all grown along side this route. Dozens of Germany’s greatest vineyards and chateaux can be seen en route or visited. Excellent international cuisine as well as regional favorites and German specialties can be enjoyed at or near these estates.

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