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Gutenberg Jubilee 2018

Man of the Millenium, revolutioniser, biggest son of the city of Mainz - Johannes Gutenberg is a person of importance for a whole millenium. With his invention of printing with moveable type around 1450 he revolutionised the development of the media and culture history worldwide.

2018 the capital city of Mainz is celebrating a "small jubilee" in honour of Johannes Gutenberg who died exactly 550 years ago. In the "Gutenberg year 2018" Mainz focusses on the past, but also the present time and the future with social media, 3D-printing et al. Present forms of communication, new information technologies as well as the interaction of the human being and media are subject of topical forums, exhibitions and events.

Gutenberg and the printing of books

Whereas in Asia text passages could already be reproduced by printing in the 6th century using the woodcut technique, books were copied by hand in Europe for more than a thousand years. Often so called scriptorias took care of that, from the late Middle Age on also professional writers and book artists. Gutenberg's invention guaranteed a much faster and more economic production. The new technical method rapidly conquered the social communication up to the present time.

Events, tours and merchandise

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