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Spend time along the Rhine!

Blue sky, sunshine, spring time in Mainz – head for the Rhine promenade. Cool drinks are an absolute must for a good day. We recommend a selection of locations where to best get a refreshing beer, classy wines, a fruity cocktail or a yummy ice cream between the two train bridges along the Rhine.

From North to South along the waterfront

A huge building appears at the custom harbour: the art gallery (Kunsthalle). Why not visit the current exhibition? Then have a break at 7Grad. Whether you feel like coffea and breakfast, a small snack for lunch or a spritzer – the menu has a lot to offer.

Behind the custom harbour area a relaxed atmosphere rules. In Feldbergplatz (Feldberg square) in the outside area in front of the old caponier guests can enjoy the view of the Rhine and the Petersaue (the inland island between Mainz and Amöneburg) undisturbed. A cold drink makes it a pefect time-out.

In the summertime beach feeling spreads along the Mainz waterfront. At Mainzstrand at the level of Theodor-Heuss-Bridge beach chairs, hamrocks and Caribbean-like umbrellas invite walkers to have a break from mid-April onwards. People on "vacation" of every day life may enjoy cocktails, play beach volleyball or can spend a relaxed evening after work at the Rhine. Guests can also look forward to numerous special events.

From the end of May on until autumn ice cream lovers may choose between 12 delicious flavours at the ice cart run by Mario Nestola between Theodor-Heuss-Bridge and Kaisertor.

The typical Mainz way of living can be experienced on the first Tuesday of the month from April till September around the fountain in front of the Hilton Hotel. This is when the Mainz wine saloon of young Rhine-Hessian winemakers invites to join in the popular after work event with music and delicious wines.

Shady seating accommodations for a break in style are provided by the Hilton Hotel on the big summer terrace. As usual yummy dishes, excellent wines and cold drinks are served.

At the Big Easy in line with the Rheingoldhalle guests can let their gaze wander over the water surface.

Those who feel like an (another) ice cream should stop at the level of the city hall at the KD ticket machine or turn off at Fischtorplatz aiming at St. Martin’s Cathedral to stop by at one of the ice cream parlours in the city centre.

Till October the moveable winestand of the Mainz winemakers is located on the banks of the Rhine on weekends. Saturdays from 11 a.m. till 9 p.m. and on Sundays from 1 p.m. till 8 p.m. a Mainz winemaker serves his delicious wines at the level of Fischtorplatz. In the shade of the trees one can easily spend a relaxed time and talk to other winelovers.

The terrace of the Hyatt beer garden Rheinkanzel at the end of the Stresemann bank provides a snug and shady place by the water. Here guests get a view of the Rhine while enjoying refreshing drinks and snacks.

On the way to the Winterhafen (winter port) visitors hungry for an ice cream may stop at "N’Eis". From the end of March on they offer exotic flavours again in the historical defence building.

For those who want to make the most of the sunshine in the evening, we recommend the pier top at the Winterhafen (winter port). Not far from the old swing bridge sun-loving guests can enjoy the summer hours in a modern-Mediterranean ambience with cold drinks and newly interpreted food classics - including a view of the water sportsmen. Start of season: 13th of April.

Just before the train bridge (South) the Bootshaus welcomes visitors. The feet on the grass and the view of the river and the Maaraue (a peninsula near the confluence of the Main) combined with relaxing music is the ideal way of ending the day along the Rhine.

The opening hours of the restaurants and beer gardens may change weather-related. For further information please see the following websites bellow.