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Carnival in Mainz

January 1st till February 22nd, 2023

"Fassenacht", or carnival – the famous fifth season and the celebration that out-parties all others. Several parades, especially the huge Rosenmontag parade through the city centre, create a great atmosphere in Mainz.

Main dates of the Carnival in Mainz

In the following please find the important dates of the Carnival session, the 5th season, in Mainz. For further information check the event calendar (German) closer to the dates of the next session.

11th of November

Before the actual campaign starts, carnival revellers meat at a typical date: On November 11th at 11.11. a.m. the 5th season is traditionally proclaimed in front of the Osteiner Hof (Schillerplatz).

1st of January

The campaign officially begins with the New Year's parade of the guards through the city centre on 1st of January. From this day on a diverse program of carnival sessions and costume balls in the Rheingoldhalle and the palace proceeds till "Aschermittwoch". The sessions usually begin 11 minutes past the hour, a typical carnivalistic time.

For Children: "Jugendmaskenzug"

The legendary "Jugendmaskenzug", a parade of children and young adolescents wearing masks normaly takes place in the city centre on Carnival Saturday. This year the "Jugendmaskenzug" goes through the streets earlier: on saturday, February 18th 2023. It is the biggest children's parade in Europe. A special event is the swearing-in ceremony of the recruits.


Altweiberfastnacht starts in front of the Fastnachtsbrunnen (Carnival Fountain) in the Schiller Square on Thursday before the huge Rosenmontag parade takes place on Monday. A big party with live music invites everybody to join in.

Carnival Sunday

As a foretaste of what happens on Rosenmontag in Mainz you should not miss the parade of the "crazy" guards through the city centre starting at 11.11 a.m. as well as the presentation of the floats.

It goes without saying that the districts of Mainz also take part in the celebrations.

You can watch parades in several districts during the Carnival period. (More information bellow)

Rosenmontag Parade

The climax of each campaign is the Rosenmontag parade at 11.11 a.m. with 9,500 participants and 165 floats. This year it takes place. On this special day everyone is on the move and the city centre turns into a colourful sea. The Rosenmontag parade carves its way of seven kilometres through the celebrating croud with political floats, the huge figural heads (Schwellköpp), music floats, flag bearers and guards.

Carnival Tuesday

The campaign is rounded off with the so called "Kappenfahrt" on Tuesday. Carnival corporations wearing traditonal caps invite everyone to follow the drive in cabrios which begins at 3.11 p.m. This is the official ending of the Carnival festivities in the street.

Aschermittwoch - Wednesday after Carnival

On Wednesday after the Carnival session (Aschermittwoch) the Fastnacht is ceremoniously "burried" in the historic part of Mainz as well as in several bars and pubs until the next campaign begins.