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Guided Tours

Whether Romans or French, Archbishop Willigis or Johannes Gutenberg, the Electorate or St. Martin's Cathedral: Mainz has an exciting and diverse history to offer which becomes visible in monuments and fountains of the city. Discover Mainz!

Topical Guided Tours

Discover traditions of Mainz, its history and culture. Tour guides entertain visitors of Mainz with stories about the Roman Mogontiacum and the Medieval Mainz, St. Martin's Cathedral, the old town and the new part of Mainz and a lot more.

Costumed Guided Tours

Staged tours by trained guides wearing historical robes bring you closer to the life in Mainz in different epochs. You will meet a paint merchant from Johannes Gutenberg's times or landlady Babette from the 19th century.

Wine Capital Mainz

Mainz, the wine capital in the centre of the biggest wine growing region in Germany welcomes all visitors. Whether you feel like a typical wine tasting, a romantic tour through the vineyards or a wine culinarium, here you can experience wine enjoyment at its best!


Whoever wants to get to know Mainz in a special and personal way, should contact the Mainz greeters (to greet = to welcome somebody).

With a "greet" locals take visitors on a voluntary and individual tour through the city and show them their personal view or perspective of the city.

Eat the World: Culinary City Tours

During the three-hours tour through the old town of Mainz you will get information on history, architecture and entertainment offers. Alongside you will try seven delicious specialities and learn more about the culinary and cultural highlights of the city this way.

Social history of Mainz

The association of Social History (Verein für Socialgeschichte) offers tours on the history of Mainz in the 19th and 20th century.

Guided tours in English are possible on request. Please contact kontaktsozialgeschichte-mainzde.


Discover the fortification of the beautiful and famous citadel Mainz with a private guided tour. A special highlight is the visit of the underground corridors of the Bastion Drusus that are not open to public outside the tours. You will learn facts about 2000-year-old history!

Please contact fuehrungenzitadelle-mainzde to arrange a date.

Underground Tour

Discover Mainz from a different perspective bellow the surface, the "invisivble" part of the city. Visit cellars and corridors from the baroque period or air-raid shelters from the Second World War.

Mainzer Unterwelten e. V. offers guided tours in English, French and Japanese.

Guided Tours St. Martin's Cathedral Office

The central cathedral office located at the market offers one-hour tours on St. Martin's Cathdral only but also in combination with the old town of Mainz.

Tour prices: 45 Euro an hour

Maximum number of participants: 25 people


Markt 10
55116 Mainz
Telefon: + 49 6131 2534-12
Telefax: + 49 6131 2534-24

Botanic Garden

Dive into the idyll of the Botanic Garden of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. Be fascinated by the vegetal diversity and learn more about our world of plants.

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