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The Mainz Media Prize is awarded to the Mainz court singers

This year, the fourth Mainz Media Prize for "sustainable media work" goes to the Mainz court singers, "a musical landmark of the city", as the selection committee explained. The prize is accompanied by a print by the Mainz artist Siegfried Felder. The award ceremony took place on a specially erected stage on the square in front of St. Stephen's. Speeches were held by Prof. Dr. Christian-Friedrich Vahl from the University Medical Center Mainz and the former head of Mainz's cultural department, Peter Krawietz; the laudatory speech was given by cabaret artist Lars Reichow. Dr. Annette Ludwig, the director of the Gutenberg Museum, explained in her remarks on the very special group portrait, which is in the Gutenberg Museum together with the printing block: )

"Siegfried Felder photographed all 16 Mainzer Hofsänger in individual sessions. He subsequently created 16 almost photorealistic grisaille portraits and translated the vocal frequencies of the court singers into graphic bars: long bars signal high frequencies, such as those of the tenors, while short bars stand for low voices, i.e. the basses. Felder then divided the height of his picture space by the number of choir members and cut the wooden picture carrier into 16 horizontal strips. Each of these stripes - which we often encounter as a leitmotif in his work - represents a section of the physiognomy of each court singer. When put together, the strips result in the composition of an unseen face, which is no fiction.

Dr. Annette Ludwig concluded: "It fills us with pride and gratitude that the merger of two traditional Mainz brands in the World Museum of the Printing Arts has given the Mainz Media Award an outstanding idealistic value. Siegfried Felder's prints and the portraits of the former award winners* are on display in the Gutenberg Museum (3rd floor). We look forward to your visit!

Print shop offers workshop on "Wood and linocut"

(September 2020) With the reopening of the Gutenberg Museum in mid-May, the print store also opened its doors - and offers its popular museum educational events. Since September, employees* and invited experts, craftsmen, artists and designers have been teaching book and printing skills in two-day workshops. On Saturday and Sunday, October 17 and 18, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Inka Grebner will be experimenting with the printing techniques woodcut and linocut in a workshop.

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