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Dr. Annette Ludwig leaves Gutenberg Museum Mainz and devotes herself to major tasks in Weimar

(October 2021)Further information can be found in the press releases of the City of Mainz and the Klassik Stiftung Weimar.

Appointment of Dr. Annette Ludwig to the European Academy of Sciences and Arts

(June 2021) The Senate of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts has assessed Dr. Annette Ludwig as a full member. This was stated today in the press release issued by the state capital of Mainz. The academy honors outstanding, international achievements in the fields of culture and art, politics, science and medicine, and sustainability. "The perception and European appreciation of my work is both confirmation and encouragement," emphasizes Dr. Annette Ludwig. The appointment promotes European exchange and creates a dialogue within the Eurooaean Union that makes international networking possible.

A donation for the Gutenberg Museum - a signal of civic commitment

(April 2021) There is great joy in political Mainz: The generous donation of 1 million euros that museum director Dr. Annette Ludwig was able to raise could be the starting signal for extensive civic involvement in the construction of the new Gutenberg Museum. The political parties of the Mainz City Council are jointly pleased about this good news and hope that this signal will motivate others to follow suit. By establishing a foundation, further private donations, even of smaller amounts, can be pooled. After the difficult start with the referendum on the Bible Tower and the long and fruitful work of the Gutenberg Workshop, which was made up of various groups, the way is now clear for the new museum building. The process of replanning and new construction will occupy the city community for a long time. Diverse commitment and diverse financial sources will be necessary to accompany, strengthen and implement the project. That is why this donation is so important at this time. With the foundation and the sponsoring associations, the museum is already well positioned for the challenges until the completion of a museum of international standing, of which all citizens of Mainz can be proud. What has been achieved in other cities such as Frankfurt with the conversion of the Städel by the city society can now also be started in Mainz. Every single donation and volunteer effort is valuable in achieving our common goal - to have a new museum of world printing art in the birthplace of this media revolution. (Joint press release by the Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, CDU city council faction, SPD city council faction, FDP city council faction, ÖDP Mainz city council faction (April 15, 2021))

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