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Award of the V.O. Stomps Prize to small publishing firms

The 20th V.O. Stomps Prize was ceremoniously awarded at the Gutenberg-Museum on 29th of June 2017 by the head of culture Marianne Grosse. The prize endowed with 3,500 Euros went to the publisher Svato Zapletal in Hamburg. The V.O. Stomps sponsorship prize was awarded to Gisa Schraml und Frédéric Guille, the managers of the publishing firm "Kollektiv Tod Verlag" situated in Berlin.

V. O. Stomps Prize Winner 2017

Svato Zapletal has been publishing books from famous authors such as Franz Kafka, Kurt Tucholsky, Daniil Charms, Doris Dörrie and Hans Magnus Enzensberger for 40 years. In 2001 his books were put on display in the Gutenberg-Museum. The jury endows a publisher with the 20th V.O. Stomps Prize that shows a remarkable continuity with his book artworks. At the 24th Minipressen-Messe in 2017 he showed his 71st book. Graphics, designs and illustrations in the books all originate from the publisher. The books and printings are produced in manual typesetting and great handcraft quality, are printed on a proof press and sold at reasonable prizes.

V.O. Stomps Sponsorship Award Winner 2017

The "Kollektiv Tod Verlag", winner of the sponsorship award is a collective of printers, that mainly works with screen printing and wood printing. For 8 years "Kolletiv Tod" has regularly taken part in book fairs from Paris to Barcelona with its art print books.

Besides there always are smaller exhibitions and street art projects. The work first produced by "Kollektiv Tod", namely "Friedenshainer Totentanz" is about the slowly dying collective structures in the squatter scene in Berlin.

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