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Permanent exhibition

The permanent exibition is dedicated to one of the most far-reaching inventions of humanity – letterpress printing with movable type. With this invention, Johannes Gutenberg, the "Man of the millennium“, initiated a media revolution that paved the way for our information age.

Across approximately 3,500 square meters of exhibition space, around 1,100 exhibits tell of the eventful history of letterpress printing, its inventor Johannes Gutenberg, and the multifaceted outcomes of the first media revolution. In addition to exceptional books, including two famous Gutenberg Bibles ("B42") as well as fragments of the "B36" Bible, the permanent exhibition takes visitors on a journey of discovery through the history of books, printing, and script.
The exhibition provides information about the life and work of Gutenberg, and details the historic development of books and media, book art and printing technology since the 15th century, offering many additional "stories" from the "Gutenberg galaxy". For example, special exhibition sections focus on the history of the daily newspaper and press, book making, development of script and paper, as well as printing in China, Korea, and Japan. The permanent exhibition also includes a section with items of Pharaonic Egyptian and Islamic origin. A large number of exhibits, topics, and questions show how Gutenberg's inventions lastingly shaped the world of books, knowledge, and information. A process that continues to this day.