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Support us

Since its establishment by citizens of Mainz in the year 1900, the Gutenberg Museum has enjoyed extensive public support. The diverse local, national, and international work of the museum would not be possible without the financial support of the municipal carrier. Similarly, a number of private persons, organizations, specialist institutions, and foundations contribute to the successful continuation of the internationally renowned work of the "World Museum for the Art of Printing."

Civic support

Volunteering is an integral part of the German society. With their volunteer work, citizens express their commitment not only to society, but also to various initiatives, organizations, and institutions. The large number of people who volunteer in the museum and especially in its print shop is evidence of the importance of the Gutenberg Museum as a site of knowledge, research and dialog, as well as a place of remembrance and a laboratory, inviting its visitors to explore and experiment. The extensive voluntary work underscores the status of the Gutenberg Museum in the urban community of Mainz and far beyond.

Bestowals and donations

Since the establishment of the museum, its collection has been constantly expanded by bestowals and donations. These contributions include, on the one hand, donations in kind that support and complement the collection mission of the museum, and on the other hand financial donations from institutions and private persons that support specific areas of the Gutenberg Museum (purchases, exhibitions, restoration, etc.). Would you like to support the Gutenberg Museum with a donation? Feel free to contact us!

Organizations, associations, and foundations

The Gutenberg Museum is actively supported by organizations, associations, and foundations that are committed to the work of the museum.

The International Gutenberg Society

Established in 1901, the International Gutenberg Society is one of the most venerable scientific associations in Mainz. In cooperation with the city of Mainz, annually alternating with the city of printers Leipzig , the Society grants the Gutenberg award worth EUR 10,000 to an exceptional scientific, technical, or artistic work in the area of printing. In addition, it supports the Gutenberg Museum conceptually and financially.

Gutenberg Foundation

Established in 2009 by the Förderverein Gutenberg e.V. (1994-2011), the Foundation aims to offer sustainable financial support to the museum, for example by selling items in the museum shops.

Freundeskreis Gutenberg (Friends of Gutenberg)

Established in 2018, the Friends of Gutenberg is a group of people who want to actively support the Gutenberg Museum. Members of the group receive discounts and special offers at the Museum.
Gutenberg-Museum, Mainz, Foto: Martina Pipprich
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