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Bestseller - Briefsteller. Die Sammlung Kreim.

In the new year, the Gutenberg-Museum is launching a new bibliophile series dedicated to the special collections: "Hidden Treasures of the Gutenberg Museum. Volume 1 features so-called "Briefsteller" - instructions for writing letters from the time of Gutenberg to the present, from the incunabulum to "netiquette" on the Internet. The Gutenberg-Museum was able to take over an impressive collection of letter writers from private ownership in the fall of 2011. The collection consists of more than 450 guidebooks for letter writers from six centuries. At that time, this collection treasure advanced to a golden language treasure, as letter writers also served as important communicative signposts and sustainably for the dissemination and documentation of linguistic rules. Today, epistolary writers are historical testimonies of that time, documenting a change in language, culture and emancipation related to the writing of letters. Contributions by international experts and color illustrations of the originals preserved for the public in the Gutenberg Museum provide a scholarly classification of the collection.

Briefsteller - Bestseller. The Kreim Collection Edited and with a foreword by Dr. Annette Ludwig, Director of the Gutenberg- Museum Mainz with contributions by Daniela Berner, Ulrich Breuer, Carmen Furger (CH), Erwin Kreim, Claus Maywald, Jörg Meier (A) and Jörg Meißner. The publication, published by Nünnerich-Asmus Verlag & Media GmbH, is available at the Gutenberg Museum, as well as in Gutenberg stores and bookstores. Cost: 20.00 Euro (D) / 20.60 Euro (A).