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Ways of world making - Lore Bert

July 3rd to November 28th, 2021

About the exhibition

Ruler, compasses, paint and, above all, paper are the materials that Mainz artist Lore Bert uses for her artworks. She is inspired by ornaments, numbers and characters, geometry, architecture and science. On July 2, 2021, Lore Bert will celebrate her 85th birthday - a welcome occasion to honor the artist's work with a special exhibition featuring, among other things, Lore Bert's latest works and a gigantic paper installation designed especially for the Gutenberg Museum. The title "Ways of World making" refers to the major work of the us philosopher Nelson Goodman and thus to the observation that several views of the world, indeed several worlds, can exist side by side on an equal footing - and ideally, as in the work of Lore Bert, mutually enrich each other.

Admission fees

Admission fees

Admission to the special exhibition is included in the regular admission fee to the Gutenberg Museum.
Exhibit "Corona" Lore Bert, Mainz
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